If you’ve ever filled out a job application that asked about theft convictions, you know that employers take theft very seriously. If you’ve been charged with theft for the first time, it is very important that you avoid a conviction that could have life-long effects on your ability to work.

If you have some prior theft charges, it is also important to remember that a third theft charge can be a felony, no matter if you’re accused of stealing a Ferrari or flip-flops. (I’ve actually represented someone facing up to 20 years for a $9 pair of flip-flops.)


As you would expect, punishment for theft can vary greatly depending on the value of the property you’re accused of taking and your criminal history.

However, as with any criminal charge, simply being accused does not mean you actually committed the crime. Some theft charges are true, some are misunderstandings, and some are out and out lies. In any case, it is important to find an attorney who will gather as much information as possible, review the State’s case against you, represent you in negotiations with the State to the best of their ability, and give you an honest, thorough opinion about the strength of the case against you.


Figuring out if there are defenses to your case requires consulting an experienced attorney. Use the form below to set up a free consultation where we can review the details and possible scenarios for your case together.