If you’re on probation or community supervision, you have to follow a whole host of rules and conditions or you face being re-arrested and going to jail.

You are essentially under the thumb of the government. If the probation department, the prosecutors, or the judge want to revoke your probation, you don’t have to simply let it happen.

As an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Montgomery County, Casey will help you get the best possible outcome. Keep reading to learn more about what he can do to help you if you are in violation of your probation conditions.

What I Can Do For You

If you’re in violation of your probation, there are some steps that a skilled defense attorney can take to help you with your case. You don’t want to face these charges alone!

Here are some of the most common scenarios:


When you are arrested on a Motion to Revoke/Adjudicate, you are entitled to a hearing to determine if you violated your probation.

Withdraw their Motion

The best possible result in your case is often to have the District Attorney withdraw their Motion and keep you from going to jail. This happens usually when the DA feels he would lose at your hearing. When the DA knows the defense attorney is skilled and experienced, he may withdraw his motion rather than spend the time to lose at the hearing.

Best Possible Deal

In some cases, after a complete review of the files and discussions with both the District Attorney and Probation department, it is determined that the Motion to Revoke/Adjudicate in your case will not be withdrawn, and any hearing that you have would probably go poorly for you. It may be necessary than to try and work out a deal with the DA for the lightest punishment possible. DAs usually don’t give good plea bargain offers to lawyers they know they can beat.

Possible Outcome

I may be able to get the DA to agree to continue your probation as it was, modify it to make you do more while on probation, extend your probation for a longer time, or revoke your probation and sentence you to the lightest possible punishment. If you were on a Deferred Adjudication, this would mean that you now have a conviction on your record!

Set the Case for a Hearing

When the DA won’t withdraw their motion, and when the offers just aren’t good enough, I’m ready and willing to set your case for a hearing in from of the judge.


Figuring out if there are defenses to your case requires consulting an experienced attorney. Use the form below to set up a free consultation where we can review the details and possible scenarios for your case together.