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Casey Loring has devoted his career to practicing criminal law. He is experienced in numerous types of criminal cases. When you’re accused of a crime, you face the possibility of going to jail. You want an attorney who will review the evidence, knows the courts, and knows the prosecutors. Do not go into court without an experienced and skilled attorney. Any lawyer can hold your hand while you plead guilty. You must have a lawyer who only does criminal law and will devote the time to fight.

Whether you are accused of a traffic violation, a DWI, marijuana/drug charges, assault, weapons charges, or theft, as an experienced criminal defense attorney, Casey is committed to helping you get the best results for your case.


The State of Texas does not take drunk driving lightly. When you were released from jail, what you may not have known is that your DWI arrest created 2 cases: a Criminal Charge & Administrative License Revocation (ALR.)


In Texas, drug offenses are serious. If you’ve been arrested for possession of marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, prescription medication, or other drugs, you are facing some very serious consequences.


Misdemeanor assault cases can bring up to a $4000 fine and up to a year in the county jail. If the charge involves a “family” member, a very wide term, you could lose your rights to possess firearms. Your family member can’t just “drop the charges” either.


If you’ve ever filled out a job application that asked about theft convictions, you know that employers take theft very seriously. If you’ve been charged for the first time, it is important that you avoid a conviction that could have life-long effects on your ability to work.


So What? It’s just a Traffic Ticket!… You’re probably thinking that a traffic ticket is no big deal. Well, to an extent, you’re right. However, there could be very serious consequences if you walk into court and take whatever the prosecutor is offering you.


If you’re on probation or community supervision, you have to follow a whole host of rules and conditions or face being re-arrested and going to jail. If the probation department, the prosecutors, or the judge want to revoke your probation, you don’t have to simply let it happen.


Your criminal history can limit future opportunities for employment, education, financial aid, government housing, food stamps, and other government assistance. Having a criminal record  also carries a stigma in society that can be difficult, if not impossible, to bear.


Not sure what to expect? There are many different scenarios that could play out with your case. I will work hard to get you the best results possible. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common outcomes.

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